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Animated presentation of the main extranet functionalities (only in french).

COFELYdirect : Extranet at the heart of ENGIE's strategy

ENGIE Cofely, the Energy-related Services solutions expert, places on-line communication with its customers at the heart of its development strategy. COFELYdirect, ENGIE Cofely's extranet provides the necessary mechanism to follow, in real time, information about ENGIE Cofely's services in terms of tracking or results.

This traceability helps optimize installations and manage the services contract.

COFELYdirect for commercial and sites

This first COFELYdirect service applies to the private companies or entities in charge of majors rentals property parks. Opened in September 2001, this service will be gradually deployed to all ENGIE Cofely customers.

Strong points...
This system enables continuous and reactive management, and offers these advantages :
- Tracking and control of requests (list of calls...)
- Reporting and indicators
- Management of work and estimates

 Who is COFELYdirect for ?